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Barracuda Training Curriculum

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Barracuda Training courses

Barracuda Networks Training Courses


We believe in consistency and maintain rigorous in-house standards, so you receive an exceptional training experience anywhere in the world. Taught at your offices, in Virtual Classrooms, by world-class instructors with publications, patents, awards/honors, and a passion to share knowledge!

Our award-winning instructors have taught IT courses for an average of 20 years.

Instructors have an average of 28 years of practical experience.

ENO Institute students report 97% satisfaction with instructor presentations.

Radar and Missiles Training Curriculum

Learn how to improve the performance, availability, and security of distributed networks and to fully protect your critical applications with Authorized Barracuda Training. Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series products and training includes installing, configuring, and operating a Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series. Our training is hands-on and offers practical tips and problem-solving strategies for company networks. Register for a Barracuda course now!

NextGen Firewall Courses:
  • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall – Foundation Training (CGF01)
  • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall – Application Control Training (CGF0301)
  • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall – Advanced WAN Technologies Training (CGF0401)
  • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall – Microsoft Azure Training (CGF0501)
  • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall – AWS Training (CGF0502)
  • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall – Remote Access Training (CGF0601)
Web Application Firewall Courses:
  • Barracuda Web Application Firewall – Foundation Training (WAF01)
  • Barracuda Web Application Firewall – Advanced Features Training (WAF0201)
  • Barracuda Web Application Firewall – Microsoft Azure Training (WAF0301)
  • Barracuda Web Application Firewall AWS Training (WAF0302)
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