ENO Institute is privileged to have been part of many ground-breaking technology projects worldwide for 25+ years. We’ve learned a lot, and we’re pleased to share what we’ve learned with you via our knowledge programs.


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Without a highly-trained IT staff, business as we know it today can’t happen. In today’s technology-heavy environments, it’s important to partner with an IT training company you can trust. ENO Institute Training is committed to delivering the highest quality training on the most advanced technologies. This commitment extends into every aspect of our business. From the customer service representatives who can help you identify the most effective courses for your needs to our Vendor-Certified Instructors who lead every session; our goal is to improve your business via training.

Book a Course: View the upcoming course schedule, or contact us here to request additional information regarding specific training not currently listed.

Individual Classroom Live Training

Experience unparalleled face-to-face learning!

Receive engaging and relevant instructor-led training, collaborate with your peers, and gain real-world skills while in a comfortable, ready-to-learn atmosphere. Our Classroom Live training locations are strategically designed to ensure that you master core concepts with in-person instruction and interactions. This class-to-job transition requires instructors who go above and beyond the course books and labs to create an educational environment that caters to the unique needs of each student. Experience our subject matter experts, superior content, and relevant hands-on labs in more than 50 classroom locations across North America.

Benefits of Classroom Training:

  • Comfortable learning environments in training centers across the country and around the world
  • Personal interaction with peers and instructors creates a collaborative learning environment
  • Lab exercises that simulate real-world technical issues provide students with hands-on troubleshooting experience
  • Focus and thrive in an environment that supports learning. Our training centers are equipped with workstations and other classroom essentials tailored for learning.
  • Engage with relevant course content. Topical, results-oriented content and exercises mean you’ll gain the skills you need and be ready to use them.
  • Learn more using state-of-the-art equipment. Use pre-programmed, ready-to-go tools and technology designed for professional development.
RMF Training- Classroom Instructor-led live Training
Instructor-led Virtual Classroom Live!

Train in a live, interactive environment from the location of your choice!

Get all of the advantages of ENO Institute classroom training without the travel! Instructor-Led Online (ILO) courses, each taught by the institute vendor-certified instructors, feature the same content and labs as our classroom sessions but in a virtual environment delivered via WebEx or Zoom. Our strictly managed online program guarantees you will receive the highest level of education quality.

Some of the key features of our Virtual Classroom are:

  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Voice and video for remote students to interact with the Instructor
  • Electronic whiteboard for Instructor notes
  • Virtual Classroom Live instructors are the same subject matter experts who lead our Classroom courses.
  • Access production-quality technical labs to reinforce skills with hands-on activities.
  • Instructor and peer interaction are seamless in our online classroom environment.
  • Class recordings are indexed and searchable for 12 months so you can revisit a specific topic or catch up on something you missed.
  • Train without traveling by accessing our virtual training from your home, office, or anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Select from multiple time zones to ensure you’re training at the time that’s most convenient to your schedule.
online instructor-led Online Training
Private Onsite Instructor-led Training
Receive private training for teams online and in-person!

ENO Institute understands that in today’s business environment budgets and timelines are both being squeezed when implementing new technologies in your business. We also understand how difficult it is to get your staff trained in a timely manner on those new technologies. To help your team get up to speed quickly and in a cost-effective way, we offer dedicated On-Site training delivery. Sessions can be held at your business location or delivered via our Virtual Classroom™ technology to accommodate your core team plus remote team members or in a completely virtual Instructor-Led Online format if all candidates are remote. If needed, content can be tailored to meet your technology implementation requirements. . We will work with you to understand your business objectives and design a specialized training solution to assist you in achieving your project goals.

Need Customization? We understand that some pre-packaged courses do not always meet the needs of our corporate clients. ENO Institute has the unique ability to create courses combined from one vendor’s content or multiple content sources. Our multi-vendor courses combining Cisco, NetApp, and VMware topics are meeting the needs of today’s multi-vendor implementations.

Private Onsite Instructor-led Training

On-demand training is for professionals who prefer to develop the skills they need on their time and at their pace. You’re no longer limited to one schedule. With the ability to start, stop and rewind the lessons, even the most time-strapped individual needs will be met because the material is always waiting for you—right where you left off. With a collection of hands-on tutorials, these e-learning courses will provide you with the flexibility and convenience that you need to advance your career, skills, and knowledge. Whether you are looking for certification preparation or to gain more knowledge on a particular topic, these e-learning courses are perfect for learners who prefer self-study.

Take comfort in that you’re being taught by subject matter experts who are using proven learning development tools and techniques to deliver an interactive training experience that is cost-effective while providing maximum flexibility.

Advantages of e-learning include:
  • Work at your own pace and on your own time
  • Around-the-clock access to content
  • Reduced travel time and travel costs
  • Self-paced courses allow you to set individualized objectives
  • Take advantage of classroom-quality content. You’ll receive the same instructional design and topical, results-oriented course content we use for our instructor-led courses.
  • Access hands-on labs at your convenience. Master your skills with comprehensive labs and exercises that reinforce course content.
  • Enjoy flexibility while saving money. Get more from your training dollars with cost-effective On-Demand courses.
  • Enjoy flexibility while saving money. Get more from your training dollars with cost-effective On-Demand courses.


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Purchase Orders and Checks

Organizations can use written authorizations with service delivery terms, pricing and conditions to buy any of the training available in our broad IT and business training portfolio. Once we deliver an invoice, checks can be used as payment. Checks can also be used for our prepay programs such as the Freedom Super Saver.

Training Vouchers and Credits

Redeem your class hours or credits pre-purchased through one of our hardware, software or networking partners for our award-winning training.

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ENO makes expert, live instruction convenient with online and in-person formats tailored to how, when and where you learn best.



The power of real-time, interactive Virtual Classrooms has now become an integral part of our Learning environment whether through, laptops, PC, tablets, and smartphones! ENO Institute Virtual Classrooms can enhance the fast, easy sharing of information on the Internet using our data integration, audio, and video capabilities through a standard web browser — resulting in more comprehensive, flexible, and dynamic communications. Taught by world-class instructors with publications, patents, awards/honors, and a passion to share knowledge!


  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Hands-on labs
  • Voice and video for remote students to interact  with the Instructor
  • Electronic whiteboard for Instructor notes
  • VoIP audio
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Exam Pass Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Pre-study course materials
  • Live, customized instruction at your location
  • Digital courseware
  • Daily reinforcement materials
  • ENO Institute community forum access
  • Exam Pass Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Knowledge Transfer Guarantee


  • Our top rated training experience
  • Expert Instructor constantly available
  • Intense Proprietary Exam Prep
  • Highest Quality Content – 90% Pass
  • Extensive Live Instructor Support
  • Our highest pass rate course version
  • Text books, Pre-Study, and Lab books
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Knowledge Transfer Guarantee




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ENO Institute clearly cared that all participants learn the Diameter Protocol course material. Our instructor could pick up on the differences between the participants, e.g. learning style, and adjust his interaction to best communicate the material to all participants. He was diligent about making sure no one "got left behind". I could not imagine a better class!

Paul Gates

The 5G Security instructor was superb. I never had a better instructor teach a class. I do mean ever. He kept it entertaining as well as informational. He was able to apply theory along with real-world examples. He stayed late to teach us about topics and discuss them. He was truly top-notch. I will be taking another class from your school in the future. Along with recommending my friends to your school

Jessica Fulton

I got a lot out of the real-world scenarios presented in class. Ron is very knowledgeable in the field of Reverse Engineering. Would definitely take classes again if he is the instructor. The course books are a great reference, and it was nice to have a dedicated training laptop provided by Eno Institute and not have to bring my own and waste time installing programs during class

Katrine Barkley

This was a phenomenal Systems Forensics, Investigation, and Response class! The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and crafted the exercises so that we truly learned the material. I have a whole new appreciation for how vulnerabilities are exploited. I have gained very practical skills and knowledge in this class which will help me tremendously in my job.

Nina Beritalla

I got a lot out of the real-world scenarios presented in class. Brian is very knowledgeable in the field of Intrusion Prevention. Would definitely take classes again if he is the instructor. The Intrusion Prevention Training course books are a great reference, and it was nice to have a dedicated training laptop provided by Eno Institute and not have to bring my own and waste time installing programs during class.

Tiffany LIoyd

Excellent! Vast background and related the Gigabit Passive Optical Networking Training (GPON) materials to real life. Much better than just teaching the materials to pass an exam....but he did that as well. He went out of his way in class. The extra materials really benefited us when we returned to our real jobs! Great experience!

Jeffrey Schneider
IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Training