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Mobile Security Consulting Services

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Security Solutions for Telecommuncations Industry

Mobile Security Consulting Services

Mobile devices are redefining the security landscape and extending the corporate perimeter. There are numerous benefits, but organizations need to be prepared for a multitude of new challenges including loss and theft of devices, access control, malware, mobile application vulnerabilities, and enterprise authentication.

Business is on the go now more than ever. Adopting a BYOD program can reduce costs, improve work/life balance and increase productivity. As the evolution of mobile devices continues at warp speed, you need the plan to help mitigate risk and maximize efficiency. From BYOD solutions to access control and management, we can test your environment, identify security gaps and create a roadmap for a secure mobile program.

  • How do I incorporate a BYOD program without increasing risk to our business environment?
  • How do I ensure corporate data is secure if a device is lost or stolen?
  • Which devices should be a part of my mobile security program?

Our complete security solutions combine leading technologies with proven service offerings to protect you from today’s latest threats.

  • Security Roadmap
  • Policy Development
  • Application Security
  • Device Management
  • Remote Access
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Mobile Forensics
  • IAM Program Management
  • Data Classification
  • Cloud Storage

Whether you are looking for general information or have a specific question, we want to help.