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Electronic Warfare Training Workshop

May 27, 2024
May 29, 2024
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



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Event Details

Electronic Warfare Training Workshop

This three-day Electronic Warfare Training Workshop course presents the depth and breadth of modern Electronic Warfare, covering Ground, Sea, Air, and Space applications, with simple, easy-to-grasp intuitive principles. Complex mathematics will be eliminated, while the tradeoffs and complexities of current and advanced EW and ELINT systems will be explored. The fundamental principles will be established first and then the many varied applications will be discussed. The attendee will leave this Electronic Warfare Workshop course with an understanding of both the principles and the practical applications of current and evolving electronic warfare technology.

Electronic Warfare Training Workshop covers the following topics:

  • Electronic Warfare Workshop: Introduction to Electronic Combat
  • Electronic Warfare Workshop: Modern Threat Weapons and Sensors
  • Electronic Warfare Workshop: Vulnerability of Radar Modes
  • Electronic Warfare Workshop: Vulnerability/Susceptibility of Weapon Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Workshop: ECM Techniques (EA)
  • And more…
  • 3 days of Electronic Warfare Training Workshop with an expert instructor
  • Electronic Warfare workshop Course Guide
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The target audience for this Electronic Warfare Training Workshop course:

  • Technical personnel
  • Electronic warfare or radar system planning, design, development, operations, and maintenance
  • Electrical engineers
  • Software engineers
  • System engineers
  • System analysts
  • Cyber security professionals
  • Verification and validation personnel
  • Project managers
  • Program managers

Upon completing this Electronic Warfare Training Workshop course, learners will be able to meet these objectives:

  • Introduction to Electronic Combat.
  • Modern Threat Weapons and Sensors.
  • Vulnerability of Radar Modes.
  • Vulnerability/Susceptibility of Weapon Systems.
  • ESM (ES).
  • ECM Techniques (EA).
  • ECCM (EP).
  • EW Systems.
  • EW Technology.

Electronic Warfare Training Workshop

Course Outline:

Introduction to Electronic Combat

  • This section will include an introduction to the EW taxonomy: Electronic Attack, Electronic Support, and Electronic Protection. We will discuss both the old and new terminology. We will also discuss the electromagnetic spectrum and electromagnetic waves.

Modern Threat Weapons and Sensors.

  • We will discuss various air defense weapons systems including airborne intercept, surface-to-air missile systems, and anti-aircraft artillery, including both land-based and maritime. We will also consider integrated air defense systems. Specific examples will be illustrated. We will also discuss different types of radar systems including surveillance, target acquisition, and fire control as well as electro-optic and infrared sensor systems. Examples will be illustrated. Russian and Chinese systems will be described, and their geographic employment will be shown.

Vulnerability of Radar Modes.

  • We will discuss various radar modes such as non-coherent pulsed, coherent pulsed, pulse doppler, FM-CW, pulse compression, and mono-pulse. For each type, we will discuss their vulnerability to EA and their resistance to countermeasures. Electronic Warfare Training Workshop

Vulnerability/Susceptibility of Weapon Systems.

  • We will consider effective countermeasures techniques to be applied to airborne interceptors, surface-to-air missile systems, and anti-aircraft artillery. We will also discuss radar cross-section and stealth.


  • For electronic support, we will consider the various types of receivers that are employed, as well as the direction-finding systems and analysis systems. Specific ES and SIGINT platforms will be described.

ECM Techniques (EA).

  • The various approaches to EA will be discussed including noise jamming, spot, swept, and barrage, as well as deception jamming. We will also consider various expendables, including chaff, flares, anti-radiation missiles, and decoys.


  • For electronic protection, we will look at pulse compression techniques, sidelobe blankers, and low probability of intercept techniques.

EW Systems.

  • We will explore the various EW systems employed by the US and some foreign countries. This will include jammers, chaff dispensers, anti-radiation missiles, and decoys and how they are employed. We will include airborne and shipboard systems.

EW Technology.

  • We will discuss various EW technologies such as antennas, receivers, transmitters, solid-state amplifier technology, matched filters, and digital processing technology.
Electronic Warfare Training WorkshopElectronic Warfare Training Workshop Recap, Q/A, and Evaluations


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