Security Solutions by Industries
ENO Institute provides the most comprehensive security offering which enables clients to effectively manage risk!
Security Solutions by Industries
Distinguish yourself from the security crowd!

Organizations across all industries are opening their computing environments to accelerate business initiatives and are concerned about the increase in risk. With limited budget and resources to meet compliance and business requirements while staying on top of constantly changing threats, too many uninformed decisions are made that result in data breaches, negative publicity, damaged credibility, loss of customer confidence and revenue, decrease in shareholder value, and disruption of services. ENO Institute provides the most comprehensive security offering which enables clients to effectively manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and reduce costs while maximizing security effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Energy and Utilities Industries
The Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) has determined that oil and gas, electricity, and other energy providers are part of our nation’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources network. DHS placed the Energy industry…
Financial Services Industry
When it comes to information security objectives, financial services organizations find themselves pulled in two, seemingly opposite directions. These organizations must improve security and maintain..
Healthcare Industries
IT initiatives in the healthcare sector are built around two overarching directives: to maintain the confidentiality of patient health records and to quantify and act on inherent risks to the confidentiality of..
Hospitality Industry
The hospitality industry is facing an ever increasing pressure to protect customer data. Whether it’s the regulations of the payment card industry or associate private information protection, an increased…
Retail Industry
Retailers and other organizations are waking up to the need to become compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards imposed by the various payment card providers..
Telecommunications Industry
The telecommunications industry is currently undergoing a major transformation. The convergence of IT and network operations, as well as a multitude of challenges ranging from cost pressures to..



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